Long Branch Baptist Church

Specializing in Bible Revival Preaching the WORD, the Whole WORD and nothing but the WORD...

2535 Peach Orchard Rd, Dalzell, SC 29040
Tel. (803) 499-1838 / Founded in 1904

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Pastor Pastor John Bradshaw
Active Deacons

Mr. C. Joe Harding, Mr. Wilson Ray

Sunday School Director Ms. Lorraine Benenhaley
Music Director

Mr. Henry Benenhaley, Mr. Al Benenhaley

Pianist Ms. Adriane Love
Web Master Mr. Ricker M 'DOC' Soos
Sound Engineer Mr. Ricker M 'DOC' Soos
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How to setup live viewing on your I-Phone, IPpad or Android device...

1. Download and Install FOSCAM APP

2. add a camera using following settings...

---Device Type: high definition

---DDNS URL: http://fo3301.myfoscam.org

---Stream: main stream

---HTTP Port: 22227

---Media Port: 22227

u/n: lbbc p/w: lbbc777

How to setup live viewing on your computer...

1. Open your web browser click, type or copy following into your address block...



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